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Fully EAD Master's

Fully EAD Master's


100% EAD Master's in Public Health

A partnership  SBOOM /UNIFACVEST/ Venkon

special discounts for  students enrolled at SBOOM

  • Master's Degree in Public Health


    The Portuguese Language Program is a set of fully online masters (classes, didactic content, guidance and dissertation in Portuguese) whose main objective is to provide high quality courses for people fluent in the language of Camões. We believe that with a passion for education, cutting-edge technology and a very focused team, our university will make our premium portfolio of courses affordable for the majority of student candidates. We are looking for talent. The World Christian University (WCU) program is constantly striving to provide access to world-class knowledge to as many people as possible. We are dedicated to researching different types of markets to create innovative and self-sustaining programs around the world.

    1. Teaching and Assessment Methodology During Studies

      THE  The student will have video classes, digital books, virtual library, video allows live with the doctors of the program, as well as forums for questions and evaluation of the study. All course events are distance learning, in Portuguese, inclusive guidelines for the construction of the dissertation and defense of the work in banking.

      The student also has access to the Web of Science research platform. At Web of Science, the meticulous selection process of indexed scientific journals allows the student to obtain the most reliable, integrated and multidisciplinary information from the worldwide research community to complete their general research landscape. And it's all related to standard vocabulary, linked content, and citation metrics for multiple sources.

    The Web of Science Core Collection is comprised of 100 years of valuable, fully indexed and researched research, with integrated Web of Science tools that help you track research and citations over time, and includes: Science Citation Index Expanded (SCIE ); Social Science Citation Index (SSCI); and Arts & Humanities Citation Index (AHCI). 3

      2.1 Selection process

    The selection of students is carried out following strict admission criteria, based on an analysis of the candidate's profile by means of curriculum verification. Our objective is to create groups with high development potential and form true leaders of the future.

    The selection process is done through the analysis of your professional curriculum, letter of intent (objectives) in relation to the master's degree and documents.

    Here is the list of documents that must be used:

    a) Graduation diploma (front and back);

    b) RG and CPF (front and back);

    c) Proof of address;

    d) Professional Curriculum;

    e) Letter of Intent - The letter of intent consists of a brief dissertation that aims to explain the objectives and which the candidate aims to achieve once he completes the master's degree. An analysis of this document seeks to make sense of the subjective aspects of the personal and professional intentions of future masters

    3. Enrollment Process

    After submitting the documents and choosing the payment method, within 5 working days, the student will receive, if approved, the Web Link to pay the registration fee.

    After the first payment appears on our platform, the data (login and password) for access will be generated to the student within 7 working days. This data will allow the student to access the student portal (Ambience, Classroom, Forums and Activities). In this environment, contact with the secretariat and teachers is available.

    4. Graduation Entity

    The Master's degree is issued by Word Christian University, a legal entity governed by private law, with federal registration EIN 38-4120071, presentation 7350 Futures Drive 18 – Orlando, FL, 32819, USA. WCU has accreditation to operate in the United States of America from the Florida State Department of Education. (

    4 .1. Recognition

    Each country has its own rules when it comes to the validation of diplomas, being the student's responsibility to verify this with the competent bodies.

    For Brazil, the process of recognizing master's degrees is fully explained on the Carolina Bori Portal ( The main legal rules that deal with the recognition process are: a) CNE Resolution No. 3 of June 22, 2016; b) Normative Ordinance No. 022, MEC of December 13, 2016.

    Master's degrees issued by foreign universities will only be accepted by Brazilian universities (public or private) that have approved and recognized postgraduate courses in the area of knowledge and at an equivalent or higher level.

    The WCU has the company Venkon (www. on Brazilian soil as a partner to assist in the process of recognition of the master's degree issued by the WCU by Brazilian universities. In this way, Venkon provides its students with institutional support for the referral and monitoring of diploma recognition processes in Brazilian universities.

    Venkon undertakes, by contract, to return the resources invested, in full, by the students in the master's degree if there is no success in the process of recognition of the WCU students' diploma, by a Brazilian university, within a period of 18 (eighteen) months, after the defense of the dissertation, approval and corresponding degree of the student, provided that the student proceeds to the process of recognition of his title by a Brazilian university indicated by Venkon and follows the relevant guidelines, according to Brazilian legislation. Important: the cost of the recognition process at the Brazilian university is already included in the monthly payment installments for the course, so there is no extra fee for the service.

    This guarantee does not apply to students from the 100% (one hundred percent) scholarship program.


    1. Introduction WCU is an accredited higher education institution, in the USA, offering courses in extension, undergraduate, specialization, master's and doctoral programs. These programs, globally, are benefiting students from many countries.

    With a distance learning methodology, the Master in Public Health was conceived for the development of competences for teaching, research and executive action in global associations.

    The master's degree lasts two years with a workload of 960 hours. The academic team of the Master's in Public Health is composed of professors with doctorates with production in the area and coming from various educational institutions, public and institutions in Brazil. Academic Coordination Prof. Dr. RONALDO DE SOUSA RUELA Curriculum Lattes Platform: http: // MINI CURRICULUM: Graduated in DENTISTRY from the Federal University of Alfenas (UNIFAL); Specialization in Dental Prosthesis by the Federal University of Alfenas (UNIFAL), Specialization in Temporomandibular Disorders and Orofacial Pain, by the Federal Council of Dentistry and Specialization in Higher Education Methodology by the Gama Filho University. Master's in Oral Rehabilitation from the University of São Paulo (USP) and Doctorate from the University of São Paulo (USP). It has INDEX H2 as an internationally cited author. He was a Senior Post-Doctoral Fellow at CNPq. He was a CNPq Level 2 Productivity Scholar until 1014, He was a CNPq Level 1B Human Resources Fixation Scholarship from 2008 to 2010, has experience in the development of nanostructured biopharmaceuticals at the Biotechnology Laboratory of Universidade Potiguar and at Evidence Soluções Pharmaceuticals. He was a Collaborating researcher in the Research and Development activities at Evidência Soluções Farmacêuticas. Has in the area of Research and Development of Biopharmaceuticals, Clinical Trials, with emphasis on Microbiology of Periodontal Diseases, working mainly in the areas: Controlled release systems, ATOMIC FORCE MICROSCOPY, Biotechnology, Biopharmaceuticals, Clinical and Experimental Periodontal Disease) and in the evaluation of Experimental Periodontal Disease using Biopharmaceuticals with Nanotechnology.

    2. Objectives of the master's degree and profile of the professional to be trained :

    The Master's in Public Health aims to prepare public health professionals to use scientific research to improve their work, and the skills required for the best performance of the profession. It also aims to develop skills in the production and transmission of knowledge in Public Health, in view of advances in didactic and pedagogical concepts and research methodologies. The WCU intends to train Masters with a critical spirit, capable of using the theoretical and practical tools of Public Health knowledge and of showing solutions to problems faced by companies in the area of knowledge concentration.

    3. Areas of Concentration

    a) Environment and well-being.

    b) Health programs at life stages and in communities.

    c) Health and prevention policies.

    4. Target Audience

    Professionals Graduates in higher education in the health area or holders of a diploma in another area with proven experience in the health area.

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