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Specialization course in Orthodontics and Functional Orthopedics

Specialization course in Orthodontics and Functional Orthopedics


Course syllabus MODULE I 1-Diagnostic maneuvers in orthodontics, basic module: Clinical examination, model analysis in deciduous, mixed, permanent dentition and transition stages. 2-McNamara and Ricketts cephalometry. NOTE: Students who enter after these classes will receive a link with the recording of the same and the practical part of these exams takes place until the end of the course, when we plan the cases brought by colleagues 3-Planning in Orthodontics, theoretical part 4-Planning in corrective orthodontics, principles of corrective orthodontics 5-Objectives prior to corrective treatment: treatment of transversal and vertical problems of the arches (theoretical-practical) 6-Orthodontic mechanics: without extractions, with extractions of 14,24,34 and 44; 14, 24, 35 and 45 tooth extractions; extractions only for 14 and 24 years old; extractions of 15,25,35 and 45; lower molar and incisor extractions. NOTE: these mechanics will be done with conventional and self-ligating brackets. 7-Auxiliary bows; Ricketts, Connecticut, etc. MODULE II 1-Planning in interceptive orthodontics 2-Treatment in the primary dentition 3-Treatment in the mixed dentition 4-Treatment in the first stage of transition 5-Treatment in the mixed dentition 6-Treatment in the second stage of transition. 7-Maxillary and functional orthopedics MODULE III 1-Transparent aligners 2-Orthodontic mini-implants 3-MARPE 4-Analysis of bone age by carpal index and cervical vertebrae 5-Treatment of impacted teeth 6-Use of diode laser in orthodontics 7-Controversial topics: TMD, surgical maneuvers to reduce treatment time, role of the orthodontist in the treatment of mouth breathing, use of articulators in orthodontics.

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